Michigan Fishing and Boating

In addition to the four Great Lakes, fishing in Michigan can mean wetting a line on one of the state’s scenic rivers or boating on one of the state’s glacial lakes. This section will provide you with information such as where to purchase a fishing license, and how to register a boat in Michigan. Learn more about Michigan fishing licenses and boat registrations.


Michigan Fishing

Get started fishing in Michigan today. You can purchase a 24-hour, annual or a lifetime sport fishing license. Check Michigan free fishing days.

Get a Michigan Fishing License

Buying a fishing license is the first & most important step for any angler. Get more information.

Michigan Boating

You can go boating in Michigan on one of the state’s many freshwater rivers, great lakes, and reservoirs. Get more boating resources here.

Register A Boat In Michigan

Registering your boat is easier than you think. Get information about how to register your boat.

Fishing and Boating Events in Michigan