How to Fish with Live Bait

Fishing with live bait allows you to catch a wide variety of fish. The size and type of bait will also help determine which species you catch. Your local tackle shop will likely only stock live baits to suit the species common to the local waters.

Techniques for fishing with live bait

Basics on How to Drift Fish for Beginners

How to Drift Fish

Drifting can be a great method for fishing with live bait. Learn the basics of drifting.

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Tips & Techniques on How to Bottom Fish

How to Bottom Fish

This is one of the most common live bait techniques used to catch fish near the sea floor.

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Live Lining & Live Trolling Fundamentals

Live Lining and Trolling

To live line, you simply have to know how to hook live bait, then allow it to swim freely.

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Tips on How to Chum with Live Bait

How to Chum

When learning how to fish with live bait, chumming is an effective live bait technique.

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Stillwater Fishing Tips for Fly Fishing

Still Fishing

Still fishing is one of the easiest live bait techniques you can use from a pier or bridge

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how to troll for fish

How to Troll for Fish

Get more information on how to troll and trolling fishing techniques and tackle this section.

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