Maryland Fishing and Boating

You can try your luck at both freshwater and saltwater fishing in Maryland. Register your boat and launch from the ramp at Sandy Point State Park to fish the Chesapeake Bay. Whichever waterway you prefer to explore, we have the information to help make it a successful trip. Learn more about Maryland fishing licenses and boat registrations.


Maryland Fishing

Get started fishing in Maryland today. Purchasing a fishing license is easier than you think. Get all the resources that you need here.

Get a Maryland Fishing License

Buying a fishing license is the first & most important step for any angler. Get more information.

Maryland Boating

Maryland welcomes boaters of all kinds to explore our waterways. There are numerous resources available to make your boating experience a pleasant one

Register A Boat In Maryland

Registering your boat is easier than you think. Get information about how to register your boat.

Fishing and Boating Events in Maryland