Ice Fishing Techniques

Learn different fishing techniques to attract fish and other essential ice fishing basics. Ice fishing techniques should be executed slowly as fish do not move much to bite. Learning how to “read the bite” is one of the first ice fishing skills you’ll need to practice. Learn more in this section


Ice Fishing Jigging Techniques & Tips

Ice Fishing Jigging

Jigging is a good technique if you are using an ice fishing rod and hook-and-line.

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Ice Fishing Tightlining Guide

Ice Fishing Tightlining

Ice fishing skills like tightlining helps anglers keep the fishing line in the water.

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Ice Fishing Tip Ups

Tip-up describes one of the ice fishing techniques and a piece of fishing equipment.

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Best Ice Fishing Lines

Ice Fishing Lines

Learn the ice fishing skills needed to select the best fishing lines to catch more fish.

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