Saltwater Bait and Lures

When choosing saltwater bait or lures, consider how fish feed. Fish detect a meal in three different ways by scent, sound and movement. Make sure the type of bait you use will lure your catch to the bait on you hook. Learn more about all the different types of saltwater bait and lures available.


Expert Info on Saltwater Fishing Bait

Saltwater Bait

Become an expert at choosing the best saltwater bait for your saltwater fishing needs.

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Your Saltwater Fishing Lures Guide

Saltwater Fishing Lures

Saltwater lures come in different sizes, shapes, materials, scents and colors.

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Which Saltwater Fishing Plugs You Should Use

Saltwater Fishing Plugs

Learn about types of saltwater fishing plugs. Which types of fishing plugs to use.

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Top Shrimp Lures for Saltwater Fishing

Shrimp Lures

Knowing how to rig saltwater bass lures with shrimp will do wonders for your catch rate.

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Pro Tips on Saltwater Deep Sea Fishing Lures

Deep Sea Fishing Lures

Learn different types of deep sea fishing lures to use when trolling, fishing offshore.

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