When to Fish

When is the best time to fish? Turn good fishing days into greatones by learning what type of bait to use according to the season, and time of day. Learn more about fishing tides, what causes tides, how tides impact fishing, how you can benefit from knowing about tides, and more information.


Angler fishing at sunset during best times to fish

Best Times to Fish

Make the most of outings by learning how to choose the best fishing times in your area.

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How to Fish during different seasons

Fishing in Different Seasons

Learn the best times to fish per season and the best fishing times during the day.

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Local Fishing Report Information

Local Fishing Reports

Check your local fishing report, different types of fishing calendars, and more.

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Fishing Almanac & Best Times to Fish

Fishing Almanac

Find out when to go fishing, get helpful fishing tips, and other resources.

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Get more fishing tides information today

Tides for Fishing

Learn more about fishing tides, what causes tides, how do tides impact fishing and more.

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Tide Times and Best Tide to Fish

Best Tide To Fish

Learn about fishing tide times, and where to find fish on an incoming or outgoing tide.

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Fishing Tide Chart Information

Fishing Tide Chart

Learn how a fishing tide chart can help you locate fishing spots at the right time of day.

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Important Info on How to Fish the Tides

How to Fish the Tides

Know when to fish based on tides in saltwater bays, estuaries, offshore spots.

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Fishing Moon Phase Theories & Tips

Fishing Moon Phase

Find out when to go fishing and become a better angler by studying moon phases.

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Get ready for National Boating and Fishing Week 2022

National Fishing and Boating Week

An event that highlights the importance of recreational boating and fishing.

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Family fishing during free fishing days in their state

Free Fishing Days 2023

On Free Fishing Days anglers are allowed to fish on public waters without a license.

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Family Fishing Weekend Ideas

Here are some fun ideas to spend quality time with your family in the outdoors.

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Participate in fishing tournaments

Fishing Tournaments

Learn about fishing tournaments everyone can participate in, bass fishing tournaments.

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Find bass fishing tournaments in your local area

Bass Fishing Tournaments

Learn how you can participate in bass fishing tournaments and expand your fishing skills.

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Participate in the Take Me Fishing pop up shop experience.

Off the Hook

Participate in one of the next fishing events with your family and friends.

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Purchase a Fishing License