When to Saltwater Fish

Learn how to determine the best time to saltwater fish. In addition to the tides, weather patterns and time of day, the season or time of year will also affect your ability to catch certain species of saltwater fish. Learn more about when to fish in this section.


Best Times to Saltwater Fish

Best Time to Go Saltwater Fishing

Some times are better than others. Learn how to choose the best saltwater fishing times.

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Best Time to Saltwater Fish on West Coast

West Coast States

Learn how to choose the best fishing times in the west coast states of CA, OR, and WA.

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Saltwater Fishing in South East Coast States

South East Coast States

Best times to saltwater fish in south east coast states. Get tips and more information.

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Professional Tips on Fishing High Tide

Fishing High Tide

Learn about high tide for fishing. Find out how high tide times affect fish activity.

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Fishing in Southern states in the U.S.

Southern States

Find out when to saltwater fish in the South, plus where to fish during different seasons

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