Bass Division Rules

Register / Check-in 5:00 am – 6:45am / @ Pinnacle Access (150 Bridge) Mooresville, NC; Launch in flights of 25 starting at 7 AM or SAFELIGHT

Weigh-in 3:00 – 3:45pm @ Pinnacle Access

Awards 4:00pm @ Pinnacle Access, River Highway (150 bridge) 

1. Entry fees: $100.00 per boat + optional $20.00 per boat big fish side pot. 2 anglers/boat maximum.
2. THIS IS A FISH AT YOUR OWN RISK TOURNAMENT. All federal, state and local boating safety regulations must be observed. Each Bass participant must wear a US Coast Guard Approved chest-type life preserver, properly fastened at all times while on the water. No boater / coangler / crowd member shall hold Fishing for Cures liable for any COVID related issues.
3. ALL CONTESTANTS ARE EXPECTED TO CONDUCT THEMSELVES IN A COURTEOUS, SPORTSMANLIKE MANNER AT ALL TIMES. Failure to exhibit good sportsmanship is cause for disqualification.
4. No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed. All entrants on any boat determined to possess or consume alcoholic beverage(s) during the tournament will be disqualified immediately.
5. Weather Conditions – the tournament will be held as long as fishing conditions are safe, but the Tournament Rules Committee (TRC) reserves the right to cancel the tournament due to unsafe conditions.
6. Entry fees will be refunded in the event the tournament is cancelled due to weather, or any other unforeseeable reason. But a participant may decline his/her refund and the entry fee becomes a donation to the American Cancer Society.
7. The TRC shall be solely responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of tournament rules. Their decisions on any unusual issues or disputes will be final in all instances.
8. There will be a limit of 5 LARGEMOUTH OR SPOTTED BASS allowed at weigh-in per boat. N.C. Inland Fishing Regulations apply EXCEPT tournament legal length shall be 14″.
9. Fishing is permitted anywhere on Lake Norman, except behind the Marshall Steam Station skimmer wall nor behind the cordons at the power plant discharge canals. There will be no fishing allowed within 50 yards of another boat.
10. Starting positions will be in the order that PAID REGISTRATIONS are received.
11. Boats will be started in flights of up to 25 boats beginning at 7:00 a.m., and continuing in 15 minute intervals until all boats are underway. All teams must return to the weigh-in location beginning at 3:00 p.m. for the first flight and continuing in 15 minute intervals for each flight thereafter. Any boat returning later than its flight time shall be disqualified. All boats MUST undergo a live-well check prior to the tournament. Any boat that does not process a live well check will be disqualified.
12. Total weight of bass shall determine the winners. Only live fish will qualify and any dead fish shall be eliminated from weigh in. All under length fish shall be returned to the lake alive prior to weigh-in.
13. Any contestant wishing to protest the catch of a fellow contestant must do so in writing to the Tournament Rules Committee within thirty minutes after check-in time. The decision of the TRC in such cases shall be final.
14. No Trolling – No Live Bait – One rod per angler at all times.
15. In the event of a tie, the tie will be broken by the largest fish between contestants.
16. In the event of a tie for the Big Fish Side Pot – the side pot will be shared equally.
17. After being weighed, all live fish must be return unharmed to the lake.
18. The TRC reserves the right to examine the stomach contents of any fish brought to the weigh-in.
19. Any team may be subject to a polygraph test or a stress test. Any team that fails will be disqualified.
20. Fishermen must remain in their boats during tournament.